'Height Adjust' 360 Power Brush

The 'Height Adjust' 360 Power Brush is 13 1⁄2 inches wide, 12 inch cleaning path.  The 'Height Adjust' 360 Power Brush is designed for ease of use and maneuverability. The large, rear wheels prevent the nozzle from sinking into plush carpet and running slowly. It's 5 height positions will accommodate most carpet piles and thicknesses.  It has a height adjustment pedal, as well as a height indicator to allow you to easily adjust the height position based on your needs. This power brush makes it easy to provide a deep clean to every type of carpet in your home. 

Highlights and features:
•Glass-Fiber Reinforced Long-Life Cogged Belt
•Wide Wheels
•Pivot and Swivel Neck.  Fully articulating
•Edge Cleaning Design
•Height Adjustment Pedal with Height Indicator
•Five Position Height Adjustment
•Long-Lasting LED Headlight
•Sculpted Brush Roll with Chevron/V-Shaped Brush Configuration
•Dual surface cleaning (carpets & hard floor surfaces)
•Quick Disconnect Neck
•Powerful 240-watt Motor

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$399.00 USD